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Geranium Lake offers Flowers for Haiti

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Making Flowers Into PerfumeJune 14th, 2010 by Kirk Wilder
We here at BBrooks are mostly, obviously, concerned with yummy flowers in a vase. But, this is a great article from The Times about the path flowers take when they are being turned into artisan perfumes.
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The Wow Factor!June 7th, 2010 by Estelle Mays

Long time member Roberto James Floral & Event Design, created the exquisite Snow Lily headdress for this stunning cover image of Vanessa Williams for Rouge magazine, December 2009.

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Bloomsbury Flowers brings home Silver Medal from Chelsea Flower ShowMay 26th, 2010 by Estelle Mays

Congratulations to member Bloomsbury Flowers in London, UK,! Their elegantly rustic display fetched a Silver Medal at the Chelsea Flowers Show this month!!
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To Design or Not to Design – That is the Question….May 11th, 2010 by Estelle Mays
Arranging flowers is a creative, artistic process in which beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder. What some people find beautiful, others will find unappealing. An avant-garde’s cutting-edge design may be a traditionalist’s eyesore. But that is precisely how art stays fresh—by constantly experimenting, reinventing and transforming itself.
Should the government have the power to say who may or may not become a florist?
A Louisiana law threatens to shut down bbrooks member Mitch’s Flowers in New Orleans, because their sole licensed florist passed away in February. The owners have 90 days to hire another licensed florist…or close up shop. Visit them on facebook to show your support!!
Watch the CBS News story, click here.
To arrange and sell flowers in Louisiana, aspiring florists must first obtain a government-issued license. The licensing exam, which is offered four times a year, consists of two parts: A one-hour written test and a four-hour practical test. The practical exams are graded by 3 to 6 judges – who are working licensed florists. Louisiana thus empowers a small group of licensed florists to decide who may compete with them and who may not.
If Louisiana can license florists, there is no limit to what it can license or to the burdens it can impose on honest, productive livelihoods.
States That License Florists
On March 4, 2010, the Institute for Justice filed a civil rights lawsuit, Chauvin v. Strain, in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana against the Commissioners of the Louisiana Horticulture Commission seeking to have Louisiana’s anti-entrepreneur, anti-competitive and anti-consumer florist licensing scheme declared unconstitutional.

This case is about more than just florists in Louisiana. The U.S. Constitution protects every American’s right to earn an honest living in the occupation of their choice and prohibits the government from erecting barriers to entrepreneurship that are arbitrary or do nothing more than keep entrepreneurs from competing with existing businesses. Thus, this case is about setting a national precedent that will stop the government from licensing harmless occupations.
What began in New Orleans must end in New Orleans. It is time for the courts to declare Louisiana’s anti-competitive florist regulations unconstitutional. The Institute for Justice aims to restore the 14th Amendment’s Privileges or Immunities Clause to its proper role as the foremost constitutional protection for the right to earn an honest living.

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You’ve come a long way Momma!April 30th, 2010 by Estelle Mays

photo courtesy of Compositions ME
The history of Mother’s Day is centuries old and can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians.
Early Christians initially used the day to honor their “Mother Church.” They also celebrated a “Mother’s Festival” during Lent to honor Mary, the mother of Christ.
In England, in the 1600’s, the celebration began to include real Mothers, earning the name Mothering Day. During this Lenten Sunday, servants and trade workers were allowed to travel back to their towns of origin to visit their families and came bearing cakes and flowers for Mother. Mothering Day also provided a one-day reprieve from the fasting and penance of Lent as families enjoyed a sumptuous family feast—Mother was the guest of honor.
English colonists settled in America discontinued the tradition of Mothering Sunday –perhaps due to lack of time. Another possibility, however, is that Mothering Day conflicted with their Puritan ideals.
In 1872, Julia Ward Howe, who penned The Battle Hymn of the Republic, established a landmark in the history of Mother’s Day. Howe had become so distraught by the death and carnage of the Civil War that she called on Mother’s to come together and protest the futility of their Sons killing the Sons of other Mothers. She called for an international Mother’s Day celebrating peace and motherhood.
The holiday nearly failed once Howe stopped providing the funding for the majority of these celebrations. Howe had nevertheless planted the seed that would blossom into what we know as Mother’s Day today
Anna M. Jarvis also campaigned for the creation of an official Mother’s Day in remembrance of her mother and in honor of peace. Her request was honored, and on May 10, 1908, the first official Mother’s Day celebration took place at Andrew’s Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia and a church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Andrew’s Methodist Church exists to this day, and was incorporated into the International Mother’s Day Shrine in 1962.
In 1908, U.S. Senator from Nebraska, Elmer Burkett, proposed making Mother’s Day a national holiday at the request of the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA). The proposal was defeated, but by 1909 forty-six states were holding Mother’s Day services as well as parts of Canada and Mexico.
Anna Jarvis quit working and devoted herself entirely to the creation of Mother’s Day, endlessly petitioning state governments, business leaders, women groups, churches and other institutions and organizations. She finally convinced the World’s Sunday School Association, a key influence over state legislators and congress, to back her. In 1912 West Virginia became the first state to officially recognize Mother’s Day, and in 1914 Woodrow Wilson signed it into national observance, declaring the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day.
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Modern Twist on a Simple ThemeApril 21st, 2010 by Estelle Mays

New York City member, L’Olivier, created a spectacular tableau in their downtown storefront location on 14th St!
Simple Monobotanic, Monochromatic arrangements of Pave Roses in White, Lavender and Hot Pink bouquets are presented in opaque designer vases and linked with Dusty Miller and Deep Purple Hydrangea arrangements by the use of elegantly draped bear grass.
These beauties rest atop a refreshing tablecloth of purple, robin’s egg blue, white and charcoal paisley.
Rounding out this unique and exciting setting are wall hangings of Pave roses inmixed pastels, framed in a shadow box style.
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Million Dollar Wedding!April 11th, 2010 by Estelle Mays
Platinum Weddings on Sunday, March 28 showcased Member florist Visual Impact Design, Sacramento, CA featured as this fun-loving couple, Natalie & Bob who spared no expense for their $1.25 million dollar wedding!!
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Serenity, Flowers and ArtMarch 25th, 2010 by Estelle Mays
Shop owner Mina Bolouri – Arjan Flowers and Herbs in Piedmont, CA, has a nice feature in the February 12, 2010 of Bay Area News Group publication. Mina has found the perfect way to follow through on her longtime interest in art while displaying her own talents as well. Bolouri showcases the work of local artists and photographers on the walls of her shop providing a wonderful accent for her bounty of premium florals.
Mina’ shop, named after a meadow outside of her native Shiraz in Iran has coupled the peacefulness of the shop namesake with the intoxicating aroma of fresh seasonal flowers and herbs which she mostly procures from the San Francisco Flower Mart. “I think nature is beautiful and if you stay true to the season you cannot go wrong” says Bolouri.

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Geranium Lake offers Flowers for HaitiMarch 16th, 2010 by Estelle Mays
Member Florist Geranium Lake of Portland, Oregon,, stepped up and made a commitment! They donated 10% of all Valentines proceeds to Mercy Corps and their mission to help Haiti.
Blooming flowers are a universal symbol of renewal, friendship, and love. What better way to double your impact on those around you AND those who seem so far away!
Thank you Geranium Lake, for showing us that a little thought can go a long way.


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